EMPORE Heating Cooling station
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Pioneering thermal skincare for all.
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Thermo-electric revolution.

Everyone wants to prevent the signs of aging and fatigue. Contrast temperature treatment combines warm and cold application to reduce the signs of aging and puffiness by improving blood circulation and skin cell turnover.

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Feel young, feel great.

Experience how contrasting warm and cold temperatures rejuvenate the skin and provide an immediate soothing sensation.

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European Space Agency BIC

„ Aurox uses space technology for high-end cosmetic devices. Precise warming/cooling is, completely silent, ready in seconds and has no moving parts like air fans. We are proud of our partnership with Aurox.“

Dr. Yunju Yang

"The ergonomics of the silver-plated Eye-Stones fit perfectly to the contours of the eye."

Human Technology Cluster Styria

„ A booster for relaxation and well-being, makes tired eyes perk up again.“

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Lars Kamolz

„There is strong evidence that changes in skin temperature leads to changes in skin structure and function.“

Aurox, funded by Impulse XS/XL of the BMDW, performed by aws.