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Perfect for your daily skin care routine

The compact size and sleek design of Aurox EMPORE makes it the perfect device to improve your skin care routine.

Heating and cooling all in one device

The eyes are the focal point of self-expression and wholistic skincare is important to you. Aurox is proud to offer an innovative skincare experience using contrast temperature therapy to unlock your skin’s natural power to rejuvenate and look fresh in minutes. 

By de-coupling the skincare Eye-Stones from the rest of the station, EMPORE provides a superior user experience. While contrast temperature skincare has gained popularity, competitors’ devices are bulky with treatment surface, power supply and electronics all in one.   


Deep hydration

Immediately feel the effect of EMPORE hot and cold stones as they activate the skin. As the skin warms it naturally becomes more permeable, allowing deeper hydration with your favorite creme. Even when used without creme, the warm stones provide a soothing feeling to the skin. Apply the cold stones to help lock in hydration and experience a cool awakening of your senses. 


Vibrant skin

EMPORE's decoupled temperature controlled eye-stones make it easy to massage in creme or serum for vibrant healthy skin.

Depuffs and firms

EMPORE can help relieve puffiness and darkness associated with fatigue. Following a full hot and cold treatment cycle, skin feels illuminated and looks vibrate. 

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Benefits of contrast temperature

Your skin is naturally amazing! With its vast network of nerve endings, your skin is equipped to respond to changes in temperature. Heat dilates blood vessels underneath the skin, which promotes blood flow and oxygenation needed to generate new skin cells. 

Cryotherapy is the application of cold temperature to treat the skin. Cold helps contract the blood vessels and tighten the skin’s surface. This helps boost microexfoliation, eliminating of dead skin cells and promoting new cell growth.

Watch non-experts experience EMPORE for the first time

We showed a first prototype to a randomized group of people and we were surprised how amazed they were.

The cosmetic industry has discovered the positive effects of warming and cooling.

Heat optimizes the absorption of cream and serum

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Skin Icing exfoliates the skin and reduces pore size

Cooling can slow aging and boosts skin cell turnover

Contrasting temperature boosts circulation

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Cooling calms the skin

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Contact cooling improves skin tightening

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Cold temperatures on skin can reduce redness of pimples and irritations

Ice on skin reduces signs of aging

Cold compresses can reduce dark circles under the eyes

Reduce Swellings by cooling down the eye area

Puffiness can be reduced by cooling the eye area