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EMPORE - Professional Skincare for the eye area

EMPORE - Professional Skincare for the eye area

EMPORE is a heating and cooling station with two pairs of decoupled skincare stones. Choose between three levels of warm and cool with the easy to use temperature settings. EMPORE Eye-Stones feature an elegant smooth form designed to be comfortable for all users.

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(1) Activate the device and set the desired temperature.

(2) After 100 seconds, the stones are ready to use.

(3) Gently apply warm stones to the undereye area and massage lightly for 30 seconds.

(4) Use your serum/creme and apply it to your skin and let it get absorbed by your skin.

(5) Gently apply cold stones to the underye area and massage lightly for 30 seconds.

(daily use recommended)


- Heating and cooling station

-2 pairs of skincare stones

- USB-C cable

- Quick start guide

- General manual

- Cleaning cloth

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What makes it special?

Lets you control the temperature to your preference.

Personal preferences are as diverse as skin itself. That's why EMPORE is designed to easily set temperature levels. Clear LED indicators for both hot and cold stones show three temperature levels to choose from.

Just press and set.

After about 100 seconds, you will see solid lights and hear a tone letting you know your stones are ready to use.

Warmth (Therma-therapy) permits your favorite eye creme to go deep into your skin.

Studies have shown that with increasing temperature, ingredients can better be assimilated by the skin, which improves effectiveness of cremes and serums. In cosmetic salons, this is often provided by expensive steaming devices. Unfortunately with steaming, the skin not only gets warm but also wet, leaving little capacity for the skin to absorb creme. Aurox EMPORE generates dry temperature for enhanced creme absorption.

HEAT - enhances creme absorption, whereas COLD depuffs, firms skin and reduces the appearance of tired eyes.

You skin needs to stay hydrated. Warmed-up skin is ready to absorb your serum or creme better. Cryotherapy is the application of cold temperature to treat the skin. Cold helps contract the blood vessels and tighten the skin’s surface. This helps boost microexfoliation, eliminating dead skin cells and promoting new cell growth.

A combination of hot and cold improves not just your skin, but helps retain moisture in the pores.

Ergonomic stones for a perfect fit.

EMPORE temperature controlled eye stones were developed following universal design principles. Over the course of numerous design iterations, we aimed to make our stones comfortable for all users. The result is an elegant form that we are confident will make your daily skin care routine a soothing experience.

Stones decoupled from station for easy use.

A quick search for hot & cold skincare devices shows thermoelectric technology is gaining mainstream popularity.  But competitor's devices are bundled together with skincare applicator, electronics and battery. This requires users to maneuver a bulky device across the desired treatment area.

Aurox stands apart from competitors by pioneering our decoupled technology configuration.

By separating the stones from the base unit, we offer an excellent user experience. This way you can focus on pampering your skin with only the essential stones. No need to handle electronics or power-supply during application.

How to use it?

Start device

Activate the device and choose the desired temperature (3 hot levels / 3 cold levels available).

Take out stones

After about 100 seconds, the stones have reached their optimal temperature and are ready to take out of the station.

Apply warmed up stones

Apply and hold stones with a slight pressure for approx. 30sec to your under-eye area.

Within seconds, the stones transfer the optimal temperature to your skin.

Put on creme or serum

A creme or serum can be applied and massaged into the skin to enhance hydration.

NOTE: Warmer skin has a greater permeability, which means a better absorption of the serum's ingredients.

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Apply cooled stones

Apply and hold stones with a slight pressure for approx. 30sec to your under-eye area.

Within seconds, the stones transfer the optimal temperature to your skin.

NOTE: COOLED DOWN SKIN LOCKS in moisture and reduces fine wrinkles for an instant effect.

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